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Oral Exam Guide

Quiz Selection: You may check boxes to take quizzes across multiple topics. Or, click a topic's TITLE. That will provide you with a topic overview and allow you to take the quiz for that topic. When you miss a question, GoldMethod will provide you with a thorough explanation. No need to memorize answers - GoldMethod looks at missed questions as learning opportunities.

Topic Overview: When you click on a topic's TITLE you will be shown an overview page for that topic. This will include important material that will assist you in answering many of the quiz questions for that topic. This is an important part of your learning function.

Question Database: The full question database contains roughly 900 questions for the FAA Instrument Pilot Airplane Knowledge Test. The GoldMethod Intelligent Testing Engine monitors your progress. Based on your actions, it determines when you have mastered specific questions. They are then removed from the database. This means that you will work with a shrinking pool of questions, concentrating on the ones that give you the most difficulty.

Gaming: Your goal is to remove questions from the database. You do this by demonstrating your mastery of them. You receive Gold Stars at designated intervals for your removal of questions. The system includes Cheat and Hint features. You may use these but be advised that GoldMethod may penalize you for doing so. It's you against the machine. Beat the system!

Practice Final: These are 50-question exams modeled like the Final Exam. The difference is that the Practice Finals are for practice. You may take them as often as you wish and may view the results. All quiz and Practice Finals are archived for later review.

Final Exam: When you have removed 50% of the questions in the full database, the Final Exam will become available. We strongly suggest that you continue practicing, removing more questions and learning the material better. You may only take a Final Exam once in a 24 hour period. When you pass the Final Exam, you may produce a PDF of your signed Knowledge Test Endorsement. This will authorize you to take the Instrument Pilot Airplane Knowledge Test at any testing center in the United States.

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