How It Works

GoldMethod is a unique training program to get you past your FAA Knowledge Test as quickly as possible. It is a truly different way to study.

Take the course on your laptop, desktop, or tablet (in landscape mode). The course is not designed for use on a smart phone.

Intelligent Testing Engine

Quizzes use the GoldMethod Intelligent Testing Engine (ITE). This is a set of proprietary heuristic algorithms that allow the system to monitor you and determine which questions are giving you the most trouble. In the process, questions that you have mastered are removed. Your pool of questions gets smaller and smaller as you get smarter and smarter. To take the Final Exam you must remove at least 50% of all questions.

Question removal is based upon a Dynamic Persistence Factor (DPF). This is constantly used by the system to determine when you have mastered a question. Questions that give you little trouble are removed quickly. The DPF causes difficult questions to be more persistent (i.e. they are harder to remove).

You have Hint and Cheat options available in the questions. They may impose penalties that impact the removal of questions. But be advised – the penalty for taking a wild guess and missing a question may be even greater.

You play the system like a game. Your goal is to remove as many questions as possible. You have to decide if a wild guess is worth the risk. A Hint or Cheat may be a safer bet, but they do come with a price. It’s you against the system!

Study Strategy

  1. Study the subject material provided on each Topic’s overview page. Click the Topic’s title to see this page.
  2. After studying the Topic overview, click the “Take Quiz” button.
  3. Go through the Flash Cards a couple of times. This will get your mind accustomed to seeing the correct answers. Make sure to click the “Explanation” button when available. This is an important part of the Knowledge Transfer process.
  4. Take the quiz. As you master questions, they are removed from the pool. This keeps you focused on the questions that are most difficult for you.
  5. From the Main Page (the one with the checkboxes), select multiple topics and take the quiz. From the Quiz Review, print out PDFs containing only the questions you missed. Study these.
  6. Strive to remove as many questions as possible. When you have removed 50% or more questions you may take the Final Exam. You may only take the Final once in a 24-hour period. After passing the Final with a score of 90% or better you may print out your Knowledge Test Endorsement as a PDF.

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