Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question Answer
How much does it cost? $99.00 for one full year of access.
Am I guaranteed to pass? Yes. If you pass the GoldMethod Final Exam with a grade of 90% or better we guarantee that you will pass your FAA Knowledge Test. You pass, or we pay! To qualify for this guarantee you must take your FAA Knowledge Test within five days of scoring 90% on your GoldMethod Final Exam.
How do I optimize my study? First, click on the Topic titles and study the Topic Overview. Next, use the Flash Cards within the Quiz section. Study the Explanations. Finally, take the quizzes and eliminate the questions as you master them.
How do I remove questions? As you show mastery of the quiz questions, they are removed by the GoldMethod Intelligent Testing Engine. Questions that give you trouble are more difficult to remove. You can reinstate all removed questions from the Dashboard menu, Reset Questions option.
How do I get my signed Endorsement? When you have removed 50% of all questions, the “Final Exam” button will become available. You must score a minimum of 90% to earn your signed Endorsement. They system will generate it automatically as a PDF that you can print out.
Can I take the Final Exam more than once? Yes, but only once in a 24-hour period. For practice purposes, take the Practice Final. You may take this as often as you wish. It produces randomized tests so that each one is different.
Will this operate on a phone? No. The GoldMethod system is not optimized for phone use.
Where do I take the FAA test? FAA knowledge tests are taken at testing centers located at many airports. These are operated by two different companies: CATS and Lasergrade. To schedule your test contact either company by phone and tell them that you want to register for the FAA Knowledge Test. Based on your zip code they will suggest the closest testing facility. You will pick a date and time for your test, then pay them using your credit card.
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